Address Labels to personalise your post

(30 address labels)

Pimp your private or business letters with Address Labels.Your customised Address Labels will add a very personal note to yourcorrespondence. You will find Address Labels from Wunderkartento match your cards. In this way you can send off the perfect letter. AddressLabels convey confidence and trust when personalised for a business or firm. Theyshow how much you care when you customise your private letters. Either way AddressLabels offer a great opportunity to pimp your post and surprise your friends orcustomers. They also offer a wonderful way of communicating your new location ifyou recently moved house.

Are you planning to get married? Or are you sending out your first Christmas Cardwith your new hubby? Celebrate the fact that you are sending out your post as acouple and share the happy news with family and friends. Personalise your postin this easy but effective way with your very own Address Labels. AddressLabels from are especially handy when you areinviting guests to an important event such as a wedding, a communion or achristening. Pick your favourite Address Labels and personalise with your nameand address. Stick on colourful envelopes for an extra dazzling impression.

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