Bereavement Cards and Funeral Cards to say Farewell

(13 cards)

Deathis a part of life. However, nothing is more painful than losing a loved one. Itis hard to find the right words and an appropriate Invitation toa Funeral. Bonnyprint┬┤s Funeral Cards and BereavementCards will help you find the suitable card for your personalmessage and images. Invite friends and family members to say goodbye to a very specialperson. Include a poem or a prayer to your card and some memories of your lovedone who passed away. Include the nicest picture you have and share with familyand friends.

Writea few wonderful words to remember someone very special. Choose a layout thatbest suits your requirements. You can opt for a flat, a folded or a tri-foldedcard. Choose the number of pictures you wish to add. BereavementCards and Funeral Cards bid farewell to a special person in anelegant and personal way. Send your cards to family and friends. BereavementCards will inform your loved ones of the passing away of someone close to youwhile Funeral Cards are an appropriate invitation in troubled times. Share yourgrief with family and friends. They will comfort you in these difficult times.

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