Baby Shower – surprise the mum-to-be

(6 cards)

Is one of your friends expecting a baby? Are you planning a surprise baby shower for her? The mother-to-be deserves your attention so why not surprise her with lots of lovely gifts? Organise some exciting games and prepare yourself for some good fun and laughs with all your friends. You can announce the surprise baby shower by sending out cute Baby Shower Invitations. Add all the important information concerning whereabouts and time and date of the party and your contact details. Make sure you ask for an RSVP.

Baby Shower Invitation – cute designs for a cute party

Wunderkarten offers a variety of colourful cards with charming images for the perfect baby shower. Dummies, rabbits and birds decorate striped and polka dotted backgrounds. A washing line features tiny baby clothes and is a wonderful way to invite all the girls to a surprise party for the soon-to-be yummy mummy. Choose your favourite Baby Shower Invitation and add your personal text to the card. You can choose a flat, folded or tri-folded card to add the necessary information so all the guests will know what to expect.

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