Baby Photo Cards – a fab presentation of your little one

(40 cards)

We offer a variety of Baby Postcards, each in their own individual style. Your child's photo, however, will make them extra special. After all, a picture says more than a thousand words. Choose the colour and design of your Baby Photo Card that suits your baby best. You can accustom and position your kid's photo according to your taste. Blue cards are ideal if it’s a boy and pink cards make perfect announcements for your baby girl. Each card features stylish backgrounds and cute motives and has its own very individual charm. Choose your favourite Baby Photo Cards and personalise online.

Baby Announcements – spread the word

It’s been an exciting nine months wait for your newborn to arrive. Now that your baby is finally here you wish to share the happy news with family and friends. Baby Announcements from Wunderkarten are ideal to present you daughter or your son to the world. Add the first picture of your child to your favourite card and include details such as time and date of birth. Everyone will be curious to know the name of your child. Our Baby Announcements offer plenty of space to write your baby’s name in the colour and font you choose. Don’t’ miss out on this unique opportunity to introduce your new addition to the family with one of our cute and charming cards.

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