50th Birthday Invitations - bid to your party

(8 cards)

Areyou planning to invite your friends and acquaintances to your 50th Birthday?Inform your guests about this special event by sending them one of these elegant50th Birthday Invitations. Your 50th Birthday is a big occasionthat deserves a special card. With cards from Wunderkarten your guests will beintrigued. Create your very own special card according to your taste by choosingfrom our range of 50th Birthday Invitations. Ifyou favour bright colours, choose a card in bright pink, yellow or red. If youare aiming for the more subtle look, pick a pastel coloured card. You can evengo for the retro look if you fancy.

Whenyou opt for one of our 50th Birthday Party Invitationsyou get a choice of different layouts. You can choose a design without the optionof including an image or a layout that enables you to add one or morephotographs to your card. Insert your very own text and choose a font to match.Inform you friends of your upcoming birthday and let them know what they canexpect. Whether it is a quiet evening or a dance party, include information onyour big 50th with our exclusive 50th Birthday Invitations

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