60th Birthday Invitations to invite your loved ones

(7 cards)

Areyou planning to invite your friends and acquaintances to your big 60th BirthdayParty with one of our special 60th Birthday Invitations?Pick one of our stylish designs to invite your friends and acquaintances. Your60th Birthday is a big occasion and deserves a big celebration. Surprise yourfamily and all the other guests by sending out one of our exclusive60th Birthday Invitations. You have a choice of elegant cardswith delicate designs or a number of brightly coloured concepts. A specialSixty decorates all the cards and is accompanied by stylish motifs.

Pickyour favourite Invitation to your 60th Birthday Partyand opt for a layout that best suits you. Choose one with plenty of space towrite your own words or one that allows you to include a number of images toyour card. 60th Birthday Invitations from Wunderkartenenable you to write a personal message to all your friends and bid them to yourgrand celebration. Include all the necessary details of your event. Your guestswill be delighted to receive a private invitation. What a wonderful way to invitefriends and family to such an important and happy event as your 60thBirthday will prove to be.

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