Formal and personal Business Invitations

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Is your firm planning a party or hosting a dinner? This event deserves a formal andindividual Business Invitation. Choose an officialBusiness Invitation from a range of modern and traditional designs Set a new standard with sophisticated and yet striking invitationsfor the next big event in your business. Make your invitations PhotoAnnouncements by including a picture of your company’s members. Photosalways add a personal note to your card.

Photo Announcements - The first impression counts

Whether you are hosting a business party or announcing your new company, we at Wunderkarten have the perfect cards for you. Make a great impression by choosing a card thatbest suits your firm and works well with the firm’s mentality. Customise your BusinessInvitation by adding a photo and your own personal text. You mayeven add your company’s slogan. Simply choose your card, personalise online andreceive your invitations in no time. Send out with customised address labelsfor a grand first impression.

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