Communion Invitations and Confirmation Invitations

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Yourchild's communion or confirmation is a once in a lifetime experience. Celebratethis occasion with your family and send out stylish CommunionInvitations and Confirmation Invitations to your guests toannounce the happy event. Here you will find a pretty assortment of traditionalas well as trendy Communion Invitations and ConfirmationInvitations. Customise your design with a photo of your child aswell as your own words to make very special Communion Invitations orConfirmation Invitations. Your loved ones will be delighted and will lookforward to the happy occasion.

Chooseyour favourite Communion Invitation or Confirmation Invitationfrom Wunderkarten. We have a wide range of decorative designs and layouts foryou to choose from. You can opt for a flat card, a folded or a tri-folded car.Opt for a glossy cover if you fancy. Choose your ideal layout for your textsand photos and customise with your personal invitation message and photographs.Find classy designs among our wide range of Communion Invitationsand Confirmation Invitations to personalise according to yourwishes. Personal invitations are a wonderful way to bid family members and friendsto an important event. Choose your unique Communion or Confirmation Invitationat

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